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  • What is B.A.M.B.O.O. ?
    Bamboo Inc. is an emerging 501c3 organization that seeks to provide initiatives and programs that further advance culture and diversity amongst and across multicultural populations. We are committed to addressing social and structural inequities by increasing support for populations that often go unnoticed. To learn more about what we do please visit ABOUT to learn about the work we do!
  • Where is B.A.M.B.O.O.. located?
    As of 2020, we are proudly a remote organization! Program sites will be listed periodically during the start/launch of each program.
  • How can one apply to be a part of a program?
    There are various programs that we and our partners offer. Once you find out what program or initiative that you'd like to learn more about please contact us at
  • Is there a B.A.M.B.O.O. membership?
    There is a required membership for certain initiatives and programs we offer. For all Initiatives and programs that requires a membership, it will be stated in the description.
  • How may I get involved with B.A.M.B.O.O. ?
    Please learn about our programs HERE. Please visit our employment and internship opportunities page HERE. To donate please visit our DONATE page.
  • Do you have a Patriot/Terrorist Act compliance statement and policy?
    Yes. Bamboo Inc. of South Florida does not directly or indirectly engage in or support any terrorist activity. Neither Bamboo Inc. of South Florida, nor any officer or director of Bamboo Inc. of South Florida is included on any lists of terrorists or terrorist organizations compiled by the United States government or any other national or international body, including but not limited to (i) the U.S. Treasury Department’s Specially Designated Nationals List, (ii) the U.S. State Department’s Terrorist Exclusion List, (iii) the United Nations List Pursuant to Security Council Resolution 1390 (2002) and Paragraphs 4(B) of Resolution 1267 (1999) and 8(C) of Resolution 1333 (2000), and (iv) the European Union List Implementing Article 2(3) of Regulation (EC) No 2580/2001 on Specific Restrictive measures Directed Against Certain Persons and Entities with a View to Combating Terrorism. Bamboo Inc. of South Florida does not distribute funds to benefit, directly or indirectly, any individual or organization that is engaged in or supportive of terrorism. 1. We screen to the best of our ability and within our resources, all agencies/people against federal terrorism by obtaining confirmation from funder agencies, and partners that they are not terrorists or involved in terrorist activity. organizations and do not knowingly provide any kind of support to such persons or organizations.
  • I am interested in securing a fiscal sponsorship from your organization. How may I go about doing this?
    Please contact us at with your interest, and information about your project or company.
  • How can I contact B.A.M.B.O.O.?
    Please find our CONTACT HERE
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