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People of Color Customer Sensitivity Training & Education






People of Color Customer Sensitivity Training & Education (P.O.C. - CST) is a unique and intimate training program designed to facilitate positive experiences, reduce biases, prejudice and discrimination with employee to customer interactions. 



  • Retention - Assist companies and organizations in creating a welcoming environment for customers of color in order to retain customers of color 

  • Bottom Line - Assisting companies and organizations to create true diversity initiatives to support their bottom line 

  • EI - Assist companies and organizations in strengthening emotional and social intelligence amongst employees to encourage successful interactions and outcomes with customers

  • Empathy awareness  - Increasing empathy amongst employees to encourage a social sustainable workplace environment  that is accepting and welcoming of all cultures

Why P.O.C. - CST? 


While there are various diversity and inclusion training programs that are in the market to improve internal relations within an organization, we concentrate on one of the most important relationships in business, and that is the relationship with the customer. Our unique training program seeks to build customer relationships  - specifically customers of color. Our curriculum includes actual events in which the program creator and other persons of color has experienced being a customer of color. The training is presented by individuals who have been and who are currently in spaces where they've faced and seen biases as both a customer and customer service representative. Lastly, we adopt scholarly research and our primary  research in order to merge different perspectives and P.O.V.'s 


Statistically, people of color has a total spend of 1.2 trillion dollars across all markets (Nielsen/Edison). Therefore, it is important for organizations and companies to begin to understand the sensitivities and nuances of customers of color in order to retain and create welcoming environments for this population.  


Our Belief:


We believe that a curriculum based on real life experiences that are taught from educated facilitators who have gone through and who can directly relate to the experience, is most effective. We believe that first hand experiences told from the perspective of the affected population is the most honest and organic way to create a true and lasting impact for everyone involved. 

Training Include:

  • A series of short and engaging case studies which intends to spark healthy dialogue and discussions which delves into actions, behaviors and thought processes

  • A series of role-playing and entertaining skits for empathy awareness and empathy building

  • Application in the form of fun group games and activities that build understanding, acceptance and tolerance of differences

  • Ongoing assessments and small initiatives throughout the year which encourages increase interactions and comfort levels 


Meet The Creator

Marsha,Coffee & Cake Please

Marsha, Founder of Bamboo Inc., brings 10+ years of teaching and training experience to P.O.C. - CST. She has trained over 200+ building service workers facilitating customer service, leadership and management workshops for 32BJ/SEIU which is the largest union for building service workers in the United States. She has also held the position as union Observer where she mentored and provided valuable feedback to instructors/trainers to increase performance and effective lesson planning. Marsha also taught as an Adjunct Professor teaching courses in Human Resources, Salesforce, Revenue Management, Business Communications and Career seminars.


She holds a B.A. in History, a sequential M.A. Management and Leadership/M.B.A., an M.A. Media Communications, an M.Ed, and a graduate certification in Global Sustainability for Education and social justice. Marsha specializes in management & leadership, customer interactions and social skill building, diversity consulting, problem-solving models involving social skill optimization and cultural sensitivity training for social sustainability.  




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