Bamboo Leaves


Est. 2012 

 Bamboo Inc. is an emerging 501c3 organization that seeks to provide initiatives and programs that further advance culture and diversity amongst and across multicultural populations. We are committed to addressing social and structural inequities by increasing support for populations that often go unnoticed. It is our goal to grow to serve populations domestically and eventually, globally. 

Upon leaving New York to attend graduate school in South Florida, the founder always had a vision and a goal that after she graduated, she would create an organization that would respond to the voiceless needs and those who are often disregarded.

Today, the name Bamboo Inc. represents the strength and resilience that is known of the Bamboo plant. The Bamboo plant is robust, enduring, self-healing, and it regenerates stronger than ever before. The name Bamboo is also an acronym representing each of the initiatives that are currently happening or will happen. Lastly, South Florida is attached to the name. It honors the extensive education that the founder received in South Florida, which played a significant part in the founding of Bamboo Inc. of South Florida.