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Don't look now. She's coming. Check her bag. 

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The Story:


How People of Color Customer Sensitivity Training & Education (POC CST) began!

After Marsha and her sister experienced countless incidences of racial profiling in some of their favorite stores, they realized that there was a significant problem when it came to customer interactions. While they wrote emails and made phone calls about their experiences, they would continue to get the occasional "we're sorry for your experience" or that they would have a talk with the offender and offer a 15% customer satisfaction discount. But, nothing truly changed.


As a professional, Marsha has been through many diversity training programs. However, what remained constant, is that the training programs were presented from individuals who have never experienced racial profiling, and didn't truly understand the first hand affects of being a Black customer. Similarly, many of the trainers did not represent or reflect the ethnic groups most affected by racial profiling.


Marsha thought why not create a unique training that is built on first hand experiences and one that is taught and facilitated by qualified individuals who have experienced and can relate to the experience? That's how P.O.C. CST began.

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